December 27, 2008

Newlywed Financial Advice - New Article

Getting married soon? Got married recently?

There is a discussion that sometimes gets skipped during all the romance of engagement and the busyness of wedding planning... A couple's financial discussion! No, it's not the most exciting or interesting topic, although it is a very crucial part of reducing relationship stress.

Check out our new financial advice article specifically for newlyweds and engaged couples. Here is an excerpt:
When getting married, one of the biggest discussion and decision topics for couples is finances. Sure, the wedding planning process brings up money issues all the time, but that time period has it's own unique circumstances. Don't wait until after the honeymoon to have the very important discussion about married life finances! Money and financial issues can be a serious source of contention for couples, so make decisions and set goals as quickly and as early as possible. In my experience, .... read entire article...

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December 17, 2008

December 10, 2008

Groom Style Professional Advice

Hello readers,
Here at, we had the priviledge of interviewing Kyle Vucko, CEO of Indochino makes custom, high-end suits and tuxedos. Would you like to read more about his professional advice for grooms and their wedding attire? Visit the full article HERE.

If you would like more information on Indochino's product lines and services, please click their graphic link below:

Indochino Men's Suits, Tailor-Made Suits, Custom Suits, and Made to Measure Suits.

December 5, 2008

Winter Wedding Color Schemes

Winter weddings offer the opportunity for a variety of nice color scheme options.

Rich - burgundy or purple, gold, black, ivory, greens, floral & fabric accents

Icy - ice blue, navy, silver, white, crystal & glass accents

Shimmery - silver, gold, black, glittery accents

Classic - black, white, silver or gold, pearl accents

Holiday - green, red, white, gold, silver, lights & beaded accents

Like these ideas? You're bound to find more great wedding planning tips at!

December 1, 2008

Holiday Wedding Time!

I love holiday weddings. Seems like there are so many wedding decorating options during the holidays. People are in a cheery mood. Wedding vendors are less busy (in general). It's a great time for a tropical, sunny honeymoon... especially if you live in the Northwest! Or anywhere else cold and dark too!

One draw back about having a holiday wedding, is that your anniversary and Christmas will be forever close together. Gift-giving can get jumbled when 2 events/holidays aren't spread out. It's kind of like having a December birthday!
But having said that, they're still fun and beautiful. If you're looking for money saving tips for holiday weddings, visit our cheap-wedding-tips Blog HERE.
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November 25, 2008

Engagement Season is Here

The month of December is the busiest time for people to get engaged. The holidays set up a perfect opportunity for romantic engagement opportunities! So... what does getting engaged necessitate? A ring of course! If you're looking for high quality and great pricing (who isn't??), visit our affiliate jewelry companies here:

Or, we also have wedding ring coupons that might strike your fancy :-):
What about green weddings? Do green wedding rings exist? Yes they do! Check them out here:
Happy Shopping!

November 14, 2008

One Bride's Maid of Honor Experience...

I am writing this blog very specific to my own wedding. My Maid of Honor was my sister, whom I love dearly. However, as the bride, there was so much that I wish she would have done for me. I found myself doing a lot of her duties even on my wedding day! My experiences at my rehearsal and on my wedding day were very stressful for me. Here are some things that I wish my sister (my maid of honor - MOH) would have done for me:

My rehearsal was a disaster. My wedding was out of town and the location was an hour away from where we stayed. At 1:00 PM, I was supposed to be at the venue to decorate and rehearse. I wanted to have the decor/supply list of everything that needed to go with us ready. I had asked my MOH to make sure that everything on the list was ready to go. I was running an hour late, and she did not help until the last minute. Once we got to the venue, my fiancé and I set nearly everything up ourselves.

On my wedding day it seemed even worse. There are basic duties of a MOH that everyone knows about and all the magazines tell you about. Have a list of detailed things that you'd like her to do during the ceremony and reception. Here are some of the little wedding day things that should be on that list, and will save the bride a lot of stress:

  • Make sure to tell your maid of honor to fluff your wedding dress after you arrive at the altar.
  • Make sure the ceremony and reception candles are lit (they could delegate that task, but just make sure it's done by someone).
  • Make sure the DJ knows what events are going to occur during the reception (and in what order).
  • Make sure that everyone who needs to be photographed are where they need to be.
  • Know when the toast is coming and be prepared.
  • Make sure that the best man has done his job with decorating the car. (We all know that the men need to be reminded :-)

As you can see, things could have gone better for me where my MOH was concerned. Take my advice and make your experience better! -Jenn Wyer, married July '08

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November 6, 2008

New Article - Newlywed Finances Advice

Yes!! Finally a financial-related article for all you newlyweds... or engaged couples! So now that you're engaged or newly married, are you wondering how to handle your joint finances? Have you noticed a difference in the way each of you spends and saves money? How should you deal with and discuss these issues?
Visit our new article called "Newlywed Finances - The First Action Items!" now for great advice and action items. Don't allow financial differences become a source of strife in your marriage.
Looking for Pacific Northwest Wedding Info?

October 29, 2008

New Wedding Article - Spiritual Reception Toast Wording

Looking for some wedding toast or wedding speech advice? We've got a couple of great articles for you, and one is brand new! Here they are:

Here is another great resource for wedding toasting advice and samples:
Here, here!

October 21, 2008

Looking for Cheap Wedding Tips & Ideas?

If so, you've come to the right place.... almost! Visit's other Blog totally dedicated to weddings on the cheap... but not cheap-o. You CAN have a great wedding, even with a small wedding budget!

Check out our "Cheap Wedding Tips" Blog now and start saving some money! loves weddings. Visit our shop online section today!

October 15, 2008

DIY Wedding Music

Thinking of creating your own wedding ceremony or wedding reception music CDs? It can be done easily with some good prior planning! We have some tips for you from our DIY wedding music article from

Looking for a way to cut costs? Do you have something very specific in mind for your wedding ceremony's music? You can create music CD's yourself! It's easy!
Here's how...
You will need: Blank CD-R (music/data) CD's, a computer with a CD burner & software, internet access, music download sites and/or your own music CD's, permanent marker, CD "sleeve" or hard case.
Step 1: Make a list of the songs you'd like to have. Put them in order. Here's what we suggest... Continue Reading Full Article

Go find wedding music now by using these links below!


Apple iTunes

7-day Free trial of Napster!

October 7, 2008

Our Green Weddings eBook is Here!

Want to plan an eco-friendly wedding? This Go "Green" - Eco-Wedding Ideas & Tips eBook is a must have! 70, full color photos, lots of specific decor ideas, 19 pages packed full of practical ideas, solutions & more green best practices for anyone wanting to implement green wedding ideas for their event.
No matter if you use just one idea, or make your entire event "green", this eBook will get your creativity flowing! Just $9.95, and immediately available for download.

Click HERE for more info or to order!

October 6, 2008

Big Wedding Problem Solving

Planning a wedding with a huge guest list? There are special challenges to consider!

Potential problems:
  • Parking
  • Adequate number of helpers to set up/clean up/serve food
  • Receiving Line
  • Guests feeling lost in the crowd
  • Guests not being able to hear ceremony speaking
  • Amount of food at reception
  • Lots of gifts on gift tables, with the potential for theft

Possible solutions to solve these issues:

  • Carefully choose venue and take parking into consideration
  • Hire help, or have the venue staff clean up
  • Skip an official receiving line or have the receiving line pass by the 'head table'
  • Give each guest a special guest favor to show your appreciation
  • Make sure microphones & a sound system are used during the ceremony
  • Hire an experienced caterer who can accurately plan food amounts
  • Keep a trusted person stationed at the gift table at all times

Hope this helps get you thinking! Visit for more wedding planning help & ideas!

October 3, 2008

On Location Wedding Report

Here are some wedding details from the large wedding I helped with last week:
Wedding colors were sage green & ivory, used in table decor, reception food tables, the bride's gown, candles, and ceremony decor.
The bride & groom chose to have a sand ceremony and communion time, while wedding singers sang two songs (chosen by the couple).
The bride & groom chose to say personalized vows to each other, and also have the pastor read traditional vows.
When the ceremony was done, the VIP (family & best friends) section was released first to the reception where "reserved" seating awaited them near the head table.
The reception was in a very large tent, set up on the same grounds as the ceremony location.
A jazz band was hired to play as background music for the reception.
A professional catering crew was hired to do the food, which included veggies, fruit, cupcakes, cookies, meatballs, fruit tarts, a cranberry punch, and other misc. small desserts.
Decor items included various sizes of glass containers with candles inside, tulle, fabric, live plants, fresh eucalyptus, white lilies, & clear glass rocks.
The bride & groom shared bites of their wedding cake, which was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and fresh flowers as a topper and accents.
The bride & groom left the reception in a limo approx. 30 min before most of the guests left.

Hope this information gives you some great ideas!

September 29, 2008

Wedding Mania - 750 Guests...

Wow - my week has been filled with wedding, wedding, wedding! I helped plan and execute a wedding Friday night which had approx. 750 guests. Big wedding! Here are some photos of the wedding (taken by photographer Amy Kassler):

In my next post, I'll give you a more complete run-down including wedding colors, ceremony flow, catering, and much more. Stay tuned! In the meantime, visit for more wedding planning tips, articles, photos, shopping, & more.

September 20, 2008

Reception Father/Daughter Dance Songs

The wedding father/daughter dance... such a special moment. You want to choose a song that beautifully represents you and your dad... I've often thought about this myself, "What would be the perfect song to play when I dance with my dad?" I was randomly listening to songs one day on Yahoo, and began to hear the perfect words... "You were my first love, always there for me, you taught me how to walk and how to dream, God gave me your eyes, but it was you who showed me how to see..." It's called "Always Be Your Baby" by Natalie Grant. It's such a beautiful song, perfect for this emotional dance...

There's other songs that I've thought would be really good, especially the new one by Steven Curtis Chapman "Cinderella" . That song is sure to bring you, your dad, and all your guests to tears. :) Then there's the classic song "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle, a sweet song I've loved for a long time. Before I decided myself on "Always Be Your Baby", I was set on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. This song is special to me, because it reminds me of my dad. He's from Hawaii, and Israel is a famous Hawaiian singer... So when choosing your song, it doesn't have to be a traditional song, it just needs to be meaningful to you and your dad. What song would you choose?

September 11, 2008

It's September 11th... Light a candle in memory of those who tragically lost their lives in New York, Washington DC and on Flight 38.

Candles can also be used at weddings as memorials for family members and friends who've passed away. I've seen couples set up a special table with pictures, candles, flowers, personalized vases, or other items in memory of loved ones who could not be present for their weddings. In my opinion, that is a great way to show love and respect to those individuals who are missed, and those who were close to them who are still here.

Where can you find memorial wedding items? Shop right here... Wedding Memorial Items

September 4, 2008

Bridal Hairstyles? Name Your Favorite!

Hello readers!

So what's your vote on bridal hairstyles? Up-do? Wear it down? Big curls? Sides up and back down? If you're a bride planning for your upcoming wedding, you'll need to figure all this out. Or maybe you're a bridesmaid and you still need to make the same decision! Unless the bride is deciding that for you...

In my humble opinion, I love to see a good up-do on a bride for her wedding day. It's just something out of the ordinary, and it seems to work well with tiaras, veils and such. However, now that I've put my vote in... the wedding "up-do" has a massive amount of options in itself! A simple bun, a twist, pinned up with curls cascading, etc. Check out this cute up-do photo from a bride friend of mine.

If you're looking for more, visit our "Idea Gallery". We also have several wedding hair articles & tips in our wedding planning section.

Did you know you can "see" yourself with a style online? Do some experimenting here:

September 1, 2008

On Location Wedding Report

Hello readers,

The 3-day Labor Day weekend was a busy one for weddings. People love to take advantage of the extra day off to extend their honeymoons and make it easy for traveling out-of-town guests to attend.

I was the matron of honor this weekend at a local wedding! Here's how it went... Saturday afternoon, all the bridal party converged on a local hotel room to get ready. The bride, all the bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, photographers, and helpers were packed into a room for 2 hours getting ready. It was crazy, but fun!
The bride wore a beaded A-line gown, a long one-layer veil, a gorgeous tiara, and matching jewelry. The bridesmaids wore flame red dresses, all in different styles (all available from of course :-). After we all put our wedding dresses on, touched up our makeup, grabbed our bouquets, etc., we headed out towards the wedding ceremony venue. It was at a local park approximately 6 minutes away. The park has a lovely rose garden area, which is a perfect setting for outdoor weddings... Except when it's raining :-(

As we drove down the street closer to the park, the rain started. Outdoor weddings in Washington State are always a gamble - no matter what month it is! The groom and groomsmen were already at the park and had to take shelter in one of the park's shelter areas. We ended up having the ceremony in the park shelter instead of in the garden itself, but the couple seemed unfazed by that hiccup!

The reception followed directly after the ceremony, with the bridal party entering last because of the post-ceremony photo session. The reception was at a local banquet hall, complete with buffet-style catering, a DJ, dance floor, fabric linens, 3-tiered wedding cake, no-host bar, simple red and white table decor, etc. Lovely, and fun!

August 25, 2008

Wedding Sand Ceremony vs. Unity Candles

For an upcoming wedding, a bride and groom are ordering a sand ceremony set from us instead of using a traditional unity candle set. So what should people know?

  • Do either a sand ceremony or a unity candle, but not both.
  • A sand ceremony uses a larger vase or container to pour into and hold the sand. The bride & groom each have a small vase with colored sand (each a different color) that they use to pour into the main container. Children can also participate by having their own sand and adding it into the mix.
  • Unity candles use two, smaller taper candles which are lit first (one taper for each person). Then, the bride and groom jointly light a larger, center candle that usually is personalized or has a saying imprinted on it.
  • Both of these 'ceremonies' signify the blending of, or the joining of two people into one.
  • Both of them also make great keepsakes for years to come.
Need to buy a unity candle set or sand ceremony set?

Wedding Supplies at The Knot Wedding Shop
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Things to remember:
  • Unity candles can be difficult to use during outdoor ceremonies... wind... !!
  • Sand ceremonies can be difficult to transport afterward, so make sure your container has a lid of some kind or is very secure in a vehicle!
  • Some wedding venues do not allow open flame.
  • Don't collect and use wet sand from a beach for your sand ceremony. It is not clean and you may end up with mold!

Enjoy! Visit for more wedding planning help & info.

August 19, 2008

What is a "Yodio Wedding?"

No... not rodeo wedding silly :-). Yodio! We have recently discovered a really cool web tool - excellent for weddings! It's Yodio! Yodio is a Pacific Northwest based company (which we love of course). Click this short Yodio (video) below to see an example of how you could use Yodio to display and share your wedding photos & memories: It's free!

Check out more information at
Thanks! Free is good...

August 18, 2008

Romantic Engagement Story Contest Has Begun!

OK wedding community... here's your chance to win something! Our romantic engagement story contest has begun! You don't have to be still engaged. You can be a newlywed or an old married person for all we care!! If you have a romantic engagement story, you're "in"...
Click below to check out how cool Starologie's "Star Story" shirts are:

The original Star Story Tee.  Only at Starologie.
Now, enter our contest today! It's quick and easy. Whoever has the best engagement story wins a gorgeous Star Story shirt - FREE.
Good Luck! Last day to enter is Sunday 8/24/08.

August 14, 2008

Romantic Engagement Story Contest!

Hello friends! We have an exciting contest starting this Sunday, August 17th. If you haven't seen one before... we are giving away a Star Story Shirt compliments of Starologie. Here's info about them:
Starologie has created a line of customized apparel featuring a snapshot of the stars in the sky at a special time and place in your life. Named the "Star Story" line, every star pattern is hand made with Swarovski crystal and is meant to symbolize the timelessness of your story.

Anyone can enter (between 8/17 and 8/24, 2008). All you'll need to do is complete our entry form, including your own personal, romantic engagement story. We will announce the contest's winner on Monday the 25th.
Good Luck!

August 8, 2008

08-08-08 Wedding Frenzy

I just got back from a wedding - One of the thousands of weddings happening today - 08-08-08. Today's date is the most popular wedding date of the year! The date itself is a novelty for couples.

On location wedding report:
Tonight's wedding was an outdoor wedding, and thankfully our Pacific Northwest weather was cooperating nicely! Although, there were a couple of mishaps with trying to light the unity candle in the wind... and some of the table decorations (colored napkins with picture holders, vases & wildflowers and glass beads) were having some wind issues as well. The venue was an old, historic estate in the Olympia/Tumwater area. It is a perfect wedding location, with a mix of beautiful grounds, parking and a historic mansion interior.

The colors were purple and white, with all the bridesmaids wearing a dark plum color. The bride's gown had a black sash and she wore a slim tiara with an up-do hairstyle. The ceremony was short, but sweet with one of the most beautiful marriage prayers I've ever heard. A small group of live musicians sang a song as the bride and her father made their way outside and down the aisle. A DJ then took over afterward as guests mingled and got ready for a nice catered meal.

The wedding catering consisted of meatballs, marinated chicken, 5 types of fresh fruit, 5 types of fresh veggies, and 5 types of crackers, bread and rolls. Very tasty and simple! They also had an easy rainbow sherbet punch and an open bar with beer and wine.

The cake was made by the bride's Aunt, and was 4-tiers with fresh, purple hydrangea flowers on it. The whole feel of the wedding was very relaxed with an emphasis on the new couple's love for each other and their families. Wonderful!

August 5, 2008

Some Brides Just Want Simple & Pretty

There are some of you brides out there... the thought of frilly stuff and glitz makes you gag. You want a simple gown, pretty flowers, a simple cake with or without a topper, decorations in your favorite color, and invitations that get right to the point. You can't relate to "bridezillas", and you refuse to stress out about every little detail. Hopefully you have your eye on the 'prize' - your new marriage!

Brides, does this describe you? Or maybe you can't relate to this type of bride?! Each bride is so different, carrying a unique vision of their wedding.

What is your wedding vision and your priorities? We'd love to hear from you...

July 29, 2008

Short Engagement Timeframe?

Here I go again...
I have my first planning meeting tomorrow night for a big - BIG - upcoming wedding. We (the planning team) have less than 2 months to plan! Thankfully, the bride already has her dress ordered, which was my very first question once I found out how soon the wedding will be.

So what are the top priorities for a wedding with a really short planning/engagement time frame?
1. Get the Bride's dress ordered ASAP. Bridal gowns are normally custom made, and require approx. 8-10 weeks for creation & delivery. You can get a 'rush' order, but you'll pay extra fees.
2. Get the bridesmaid dresses selected, sized and ordered ASAP. Same as above... it takes a while! Otherwise, choose an off-the-rack style or let your attendants choose their own styles in your chosen color.
3. Venue is always a challenge with short notice, unless you're planning a backyard or beach wedding. Some churches are easier to secure on short notice as well.
4. Secure some of your main wedding vendors quickly, such as photographer, catering, florist, DJ/musicians, & officiant. If you can't find available vendors for your chosen day, go to plan "B". Or should I say, plan "F" for friends :-).
5. Keep yourself very well organized. Use our budget tracker form available for download on this page near the bottom. Keep records of who you've talked to and when, price quotes, their contact info, etc. This will make your life much easier!

I'm all for short engagements, but they do have their potential challenges. Good luck!

July 24, 2008

What Makes a Great Wedding e-Newsletter?

So brides... and grooms too :-)... what do you like about a good wedding e-zine or e-newsletter?

Do you enjoy the inside scoop on what's happening with wedding trends in your area? Like to hear about special wedding product deals & sales? Are you wanting local wedding vendor information? Are you excited by wedding planning tips and advice? Or is it the simple fact that you NEED the e-newsletter... the fact that you're engaged!!

If any of these things sound good to you, sign up for NWweddingplace's free monthly newsletter. We don't bombard you with weekly e-bombs (as we like to call the over-use of e-zines), but keep you up to date monthly. Our next newsletter comes out in 3 weeks. Get ready!

July 18, 2008

Bridal Shower Pictures

Have any of you hosted a bridal shower recently? If so, you know there's a lot of thought that goes into them. Last weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my friend. Here we are (left)! I had her wear some fun luau wear as the bride-to-be (as you can see :-). Here is a picture of her and a couple of the bridesmaids (right). Even in July, you can't always count on good weather for an outdoor bridal shower, much less an entire wedding! Although, I must admit we have had nice Washington weather lately. If you have any bridal shower stories to share, please let us know!

July 15, 2008

Bridal Shower Success Ideas!

Well, I survived my bridal shower hosting experience this past weekend. Want some bridal shower tips and ideas? Here was my plan:

Hawaiian-themed shower decorations (From Oriental Trading Co)
including real coconuts and pineapples, flower leis and hair clips, a special hula outfit for the bride-to-be, cute food pics with palm trees & monkeys, sarongs as table cloths, shell necklaces as decor, a customized banner, and balloons strung here and there. One other special thing that I did was to display the bride's wedding gown, flower girl dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. Everyone loved that, including the bride.

We played 3 shower games. 1. Team up and create a bride with toilet paper. 2. Pass around mystery items in bags and guess what's inside. 3. "Who knows the bride best" info game.

There was plenty of food - too much actually :-)! The cake was custom made in a Hawaiian theme, and brought by the bride's mother (who wanted to help out in some way).

Hope this gives you some ideas of your own! Good Luck...

July 10, 2008

Planning A Bridal Shower?

Hello friends,
I'm throwing a bridal shower for my friend tomorrow night. Her wedding is in late August.
If you're wondering how far in advance of the wedding should a shower or bachelorette party be planned... That's up to what works best for the bride. In my case, she wanted to keep August free from additional stress so we planned her shower for July instead. Other brides may want the shower or party the weekend before! Just ask...

Need a good bridal shower theme idea? How about a luau, beach or Hawaiian theme? If the bride & groom are heading somewhere tropical for their honeymoon, this is a GREAT shower theme idea. And easy to find ideas & decor as well! Check back in the next few days for a great list of food ideas for a beach themed shower and pictures of our party!

July 2, 2008

Surviving a HOT Summer Wedding!

So you have a summer wedding planned... depending on where you are in the Pacific Northwest, you may get lucky and have a mild, overcast day. If not, you'll either get rain or heat!

Do you have any strategies for beating the heat at your wedding ceremony and reception? Here are a few ideas:
  • Choose a light-weight fabric for your gown.
  • Have the groom and groomsmen NOT wear a vest under their tuxes.
  • Set up your outdoor reception tables in a shady area if possible.
  • Select T-length bridesmaid dresses with flip-flops.
  • Serve fresh fruit at the reception and plenty of ice water available to hydrate guests.
  • Rent a tent or canopy, which is great for any weather issues.
  • Have an up-do bridal hairstyle.
  • Insist that your bridal party drink lots of water before the ceremony so no one faints at the altar!
Got any of your own tips that you'd like to share? Please, do tell!
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June 21, 2008

Finding a Local NW Wedding Business

Do you live in Washington, Oregon or Idaho? Are you planning a wedding? is just where you need to spend some planning time on the web. We have vendor listings in 20 major wedding categories (from venues to formalwear, photography, pre-marriage counselors & more) for all cities in those 3 Pacific Northwest states.

Here's how it works: go to our "Locate Vendors" page. Select your state, enter your city name (or a nearby city), select a category from the drop-down box, and press "Search!". Your search results will post automatically, giving you your vendor options in that city and category.

If you are a NW wedding-related business owner, search for your listing. Please contact us if you do not find yourself! We'd love to add you. Your assistance helps us bring comprehensive NW wedding information to our community.

June 19, 2008

It's Wedding Time in the Pacific Northwest

It's official... wedding season has begun! Traditionally, June through Sept are the 4 busiest wedding months across the country, and especially in the Pacific Northwest. Here, we count on some warmer temps and less rain during that 4 month span. However, for all those hopeful brides and grooms wanting a June outdoor wedding in the Pacific NW, our weather has not been cooperating yet! I guess it could be worse. The rain hasn't been excessive, just cold temperatures for this time of year. In fact, the coldest June on record since 1917...

Honestly, that's how outdoor weddings go though in the NW. No month is completely "safe"! Thinking about which month to have your NW wedding in? We offer an extensive article on our main site called "Choosing Your Wedding Month in the Northwest". Each month has it's quirks, benefits and things to consider.

Do you have any outdoor wedding backup plans you'd like to share with our community? What are your creative "Plan B's"? Let us know!

June 12, 2008

Need a Cheap Wedding Dress?

Happy Wedding Planning!

OK, so cheap wedding dress isn't entirely accurate... but...
Are you looking for an inexpensive wedding dress? Do you want a wedding gown that's great quality, yet you're planning a wedding on a budget? Maybe you have destination wedding plans? A warm weather, summer wedding? Simple, yet elegant style?

If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, NWweddingshop may have just what you're looking for. We have a dozen, high-quality, low cost, custom fit wedding dress options available - most are right around $300! Please visit our shop online section at now for details and more photos.

If you don't find exactly what you need there, call us at 360-951-6400 and let's chat!

June 6, 2008

Who Cares About an Eco-Friendly Wedding?

Hi brides and grooms...
We're collecting information about "green" weddings and eco-friendly wedding plans. Are you implementing anything earth friendly for your upcoming wedding? Would you like to but aren't sure how? Did you recently get married and have a green wedding? We'd love to hear from you. I can just imagine all the excellent ideas that people have!

At, we have several articles to help you get "green" wedding ideas now. First, check out "15 Easiest Reception Table Decor Ideas Ever", and "Green Wedding Tips" for great ideas and suggestions.

Share this Blog with your friends :-)

June 2, 2008

Destination Wedding On-Location Report!

Posted by Sarah - "Ask Sarah"

I had the awesome pleasure of attending a destination wedding in Maui. What a romantic setting for your special day... Warm weather, sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, gorgeous flowers, all perfect ingredients for a wedding day.

The setting was at a gorgeous resort/hotel. When we walked in, the first thing you notice is the paradise within the hotel. In the middle of the hotel is an "outside that's inside." So let me explain a little further, it has a beautiful coy fish pond, a waterfall, huge, beautiful trees, and flowers, in the middle of the hotel. So you could walk outside your hotel room and overlook into this beautiful mini-paradise. Not only that, but the hotel had a beautiful backyard view of the beach! So you could imagine, their pictures will be amazing.

Back to the wedding... It was on Sunday evening at 5pm. The wedding took place on one of the hotel lawns that onlooked the private beach. The setting was gorgeous. The bride's colors were light pink and light yellow. So as you walked up the lawn, the grassy aisle way was laden with pink and yellow rose petals. The groomsmen were already in place at the front in light, beige suits with nice ties to match. A bit more casual for the Hawaii destination wedding. While we all waited for the bridesmaid to start in, there was a soloist at the front with a guitar. He was a Hawaiian local serenading us with soft, love songs. Then the first bridesmaid started walking down. The dresses were gorgeous! Each bridesmaid alternated in pink or yellow, flowing, above the knee length dresses. Apparently the maid of honor is a fashion designer in Australia and actually made a few of the bridesmaid dresses, they really were fabulous. The bridesmaid bouquets were very full and beautiful with light pink and yellow roses, and a darker pink as well. The maid of honor walked down in a darker beige/brown dress she made, so she got to stand out a bit. Then the adorable flower girls and ring bearers... The girls were in these beautiful white dresses, and the chiffon bottom parts of their dresses had fabric roses attached all over.

The bride... she was gorgeous! Her hair was up and pulled a bit to the side. She had two beautiful roses adorned in her hair as well, for beautiful extra detail. Her dress was an ivory, chiffon. It was a strapless dress, with a bit of fabric that overlapped in the front, just an inch or so, to add a small ruffle along the top of the dress. The dress was fitted, and then towards the bottom cascaded out a bit, to be beautiful and flowy. The back dipped a little bit below her shoulders, and at the bottom of her back, there was a fabric rose of the same fabric as the dress, and from their extra fabric cascaded down to add to the drama and beauty of its intended subtle simplicity, but certainly class and elegance.

The ceremony began with the Hawaiian pastor opening up and greeting the "paparazzi" (that was us, he referred to us as, the guests - lol!) He was great, very well spoken, almost a performer with his long, extra enunciated, lingering words, which gave a great affect for the ceremony. After the vows were said, and he pronounced them husband and wife, we were serenaded some more by the soloist.

The bride and groom took photos after the ceremony and then they also had a videographer that captured the whole ceremony. The reception was in the hotel, next to the coy fish pond I mentioned earlier. It was technically outside, but it was under a covered area. The reception tables had white linens, and the center pieces were rectangular vases with gorgeous rose bouquets and greenery. Each seat had a name card, which I actually thought was a nice added detail. Normally I'm not in favor of place cards, but then can actually make for less awkwardness if done very thoughtfully.

They had hors d'oeuvres waiting for us (lamb chops, curry chicken kabobs), and a full open bar. I think hors d'oeuvres are a nice touch, especially when you and your groom take photos after the wedding. You don't want your crowd to get hungry. :-) Once the bride and groom arrived we began with a salad, had the choice of prawns, fillet mignon, or fish for our main course, and finished with a yummy custard, pie dessert. I had the prawns, and they were so yummy!

Time to cut the cake. The wedding cake was smaller as a result of us already having dessert, but totally cute! Two round tiers, with frosting dots as details placed intently all around the cake. The bride got her new hubby good with the "bite" of cake all over his face. ;o)

The toasts were great from the best man and maid of honor. Then came the bouquet and garter toss. My boyfriend was the lucky garter catcher - lol!

One of my favorite details was the DJ playing soft jazz songs as background music. I have to say that was great for the atmosphere, and a detail I may want to add at my own future wedding.

There was a short amount of dancing, father/daughter, mother/son dance, and then of course the encouragement to get the rest of the guests out on the dance floor. The wedding ended fairly early after that. The entire ordeal was fascinating, certainly an elegant evening, and full of wonderful things to see.

May 27, 2008

Considering a Holiday Wedding?

Are you planning a wedding? Have you considered a date that's on or near a major holiday or 3-day weekend? There are some benefits, and also potential drawbacks to having a holiday wedding. Holidays and 3-day weekends can effect honeymoons, guest availability, wedding business/vendor schedules, and other less thought about aspects in either positive or negative ways.

Here are some basic things to consider:

  • You'll need to give guests more advanced notice for holiday weddings
  • Some vendors are busier near holidays, depending on the holiday and the vendor type. For example, florists are VERY busy around Memorial Day. Caterers and bakeries are swamped during Thanksgiving. DJ's are booked for New Year's Eve. Venues are rented for 4th of July celebrations, etc.
    Honeymoons, lodging and flights can potentially be more expensive during holiday weeks.
  • Every year your anniversary will fall on or near a holiday (could be a + or --, depending on the holiday!)
  • For traveling guests and honeymoon purposes, holidays give you extra days off from work
  • Holidays offer fun wedding themes automatically, if desired
  • Traffic can either be better or worse on holidays (depending on the holiday)
  • Verify with vendors that they are indeed working that day if it's a major holiday, i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • Holidays and holiday weekends are just fun!
Does anyone have comments about their upcoming holiday wedding plans? Or comments from those who've had a wedding on or near a holiday? We'd love to hear from you...

May 15, 2008

Brides - Is Planning Your Wedding Making You Crazy?

Everyone knows that planning a wedding takes lots of time and money, but not everyone realizes the toll it also takes on sanity! So many brides that I know hardly have time to sit back and enjoy the process. Even up to the very moment they're walking down the aisle, they're still coordinating something. For my own wedding, I can remember the feeling of frustration while decorating. No one was doing it 'right', although I hadn't clearly told anyone what 'right' was...

Are you apprehensive about trusting someone else with tasks? Sure, that means a loss of "control" over that particular aspect, but it may just be worth it. Do you have to care about every miniscule detail? Maybe you do. Are you becoming 'bridezilla'? Maybe you are. Do you want your wedding to be great? Of course you do. Are you wondering how to make it all happen without developing an ulcer? Here are just a couple thoughts:

  • Hire a wedding planner/wedding consultant
  • Delegate tasks to trustworthy friends, family and bridal party members
  • Get a planning and budget checklist to keep yourself on track (budget checklist available on our home page, bottom right corner:
  • Take extra time off work before your wedding if you can
  • Keep things as simple as possible
  • Purposefully plan to enjoy the process and especially your wedding day
If you're a bride-to-be, a newly wed or have thoughts you'd like to share, we'd love to hear your comments on this topic! For more great wedding tips, love & marriage advice, Pacific Northwest information, and more, visit today!
Be blessed...

May 6, 2008

Eco-Friendly "Green" Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Greetings readers! We in the Northwest tend to be fairly eco-conscious. Why not bring that "green" spirit to your wedding too! When going 'green', one of the main things to consider is not wasting or throwing excessive amounts of things away afterward.
If you've been looking for some green wedding reception centerpiece ideas, here are several ideas that we've come up with:

  • Use organic fruit in bowls or on tiered platters. Beautiful and dual-purpose! Decor & snacks!
  • Grow your own flowers - cut them and fill vases.
  • Float tealights & flower heads in large bowls partially filled with water and river rock. Always recycle metal tealight cups.
  • Use tiered deserts on platters as decor. Once again, they'd be dual purpose.
  • Use the glassware, wine or sparkling juice bottles, colored napkins, and simple tealight candles. Candle light and glassware can be quite elegant. Recycle empty bottles.
  • Have baskets full of your guest favors as your centerpieces.
  • Decorate your tables with potted plants, and then also use them as guest favors.
  • Use shells, sand, driftwood, and other 'found' items, then return them to nature afterward.
  • Use homemade or locally made candles with flower petals.
For more "green" wedding tips and information, please visit our "Green Wedding Tips" article at our main site -

I'm sure some of you brides & grooms have some other great "green" ideas too. Please share!

April 30, 2008

Spring Weddings in the Pacific Northwest!

Welcome readers,
Today is a typical Spring day in the Northwest - rain, sun, windy gusts every now and then, and about 55 degrees. It's a rare Spring wedding in the Pacific Northwest that can survive rain-free outdoors! Our outdoor wedding season is typically June - Sept, but you still can not count the possibility of rain out. Even the weather reports can be unreliable here! Despite all that... the Pacific Northwest is still a great place to live and a great place to have a wedding.
So are you having a Spring wedding? Indoor or outdoor? Are you planning a summer wedding? Indoor or outdoor?
Give us your feedback, and join in our community discussions. This blog will be used for our community of brides and grooms to share ideas and respond to our posts. Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you :-)

April 21, 2008

Pacific Northwest Wedding Scene - Here We Are!

Greetings Readers!
Welcome to's official BLOG. Since this is our first post, we'd like to explain a bit about NWweddingplace. As you can see above, we serve brides and grooms in Washington, Oregon and Idaho with our advice, articles, local vendor search service,
DIY project ideas, free engagement & wedding announcement pages, shop online section, wedding photo Idea Gallery, free e-newsletter, gift ideas and links, event schedule, and more! Not only do we comprehensively offer help to plan weddings, but we feel that also planning for marriage is vitally important (and often missed). Our Love & Marriage Advice section gives excellent tips and relationship thoughts to keep you moving in the right direction.
To view more about our purpose and mission, location and more, please visit our
"About Us" page.

Come back often to check out our BLOG! Please feel free to comment and offer feedback about our topics and ideas. We will be using our BLOG as a place for community collaboration and idea sharing. Thanks for reading! We look forward to serving our community of brides and local wedding businesses.
Krista Dunk, Founder & CEO