December 27, 2008

Newlywed Financial Advice - New Article

Getting married soon? Got married recently?

There is a discussion that sometimes gets skipped during all the romance of engagement and the busyness of wedding planning... A couple's financial discussion! No, it's not the most exciting or interesting topic, although it is a very crucial part of reducing relationship stress.

Check out our new financial advice article specifically for newlyweds and engaged couples. Here is an excerpt:
When getting married, one of the biggest discussion and decision topics for couples is finances. Sure, the wedding planning process brings up money issues all the time, but that time period has it's own unique circumstances. Don't wait until after the honeymoon to have the very important discussion about married life finances! Money and financial issues can be a serious source of contention for couples, so make decisions and set goals as quickly and as early as possible. In my experience, .... read entire article...

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December 17, 2008

December 10, 2008

Groom Style Professional Advice

Hello readers,
Here at, we had the priviledge of interviewing Kyle Vucko, CEO of Indochino makes custom, high-end suits and tuxedos. Would you like to read more about his professional advice for grooms and their wedding attire? Visit the full article HERE.

If you would like more information on Indochino's product lines and services, please click their graphic link below:

Indochino Men's Suits, Tailor-Made Suits, Custom Suits, and Made to Measure Suits.

December 5, 2008

Winter Wedding Color Schemes

Winter weddings offer the opportunity for a variety of nice color scheme options.

Rich - burgundy or purple, gold, black, ivory, greens, floral & fabric accents

Icy - ice blue, navy, silver, white, crystal & glass accents

Shimmery - silver, gold, black, glittery accents

Classic - black, white, silver or gold, pearl accents

Holiday - green, red, white, gold, silver, lights & beaded accents

Like these ideas? You're bound to find more great wedding planning tips at!

December 1, 2008

Holiday Wedding Time!

I love holiday weddings. Seems like there are so many wedding decorating options during the holidays. People are in a cheery mood. Wedding vendors are less busy (in general). It's a great time for a tropical, sunny honeymoon... especially if you live in the Northwest! Or anywhere else cold and dark too!

One draw back about having a holiday wedding, is that your anniversary and Christmas will be forever close together. Gift-giving can get jumbled when 2 events/holidays aren't spread out. It's kind of like having a December birthday!
But having said that, they're still fun and beautiful. If you're looking for money saving tips for holiday weddings, visit our cheap-wedding-tips Blog HERE.
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