July 29, 2008

Short Engagement Timeframe?

Here I go again...
I have my first planning meeting tomorrow night for a big - BIG - upcoming wedding. We (the planning team) have less than 2 months to plan! Thankfully, the bride already has her dress ordered, which was my very first question once I found out how soon the wedding will be.

So what are the top priorities for a wedding with a really short planning/engagement time frame?
1. Get the Bride's dress ordered ASAP. Bridal gowns are normally custom made, and require approx. 8-10 weeks for creation & delivery. You can get a 'rush' order, but you'll pay extra fees.
2. Get the bridesmaid dresses selected, sized and ordered ASAP. Same as above... it takes a while! Otherwise, choose an off-the-rack style or let your attendants choose their own styles in your chosen color.
3. Venue is always a challenge with short notice, unless you're planning a backyard or beach wedding. Some churches are easier to secure on short notice as well.
4. Secure some of your main wedding vendors quickly, such as photographer, catering, florist, DJ/musicians, & officiant. If you can't find available vendors for your chosen day, go to plan "B". Or should I say, plan "F" for friends :-).
5. Keep yourself very well organized. Use our budget tracker form available for download on this page near the bottom. Keep records of who you've talked to and when, price quotes, their contact info, etc. This will make your life much easier!

I'm all for short engagements, but they do have their potential challenges. Good luck!


July 24, 2008

What Makes a Great Wedding e-Newsletter?

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July 18, 2008

Bridal Shower Pictures

Have any of you hosted a bridal shower recently? If so, you know there's a lot of thought that goes into them. Last weekend, I hosted a bridal shower for my friend. Here we are (left)! I had her wear some fun luau wear as the bride-to-be (as you can see :-). Here is a picture of her and a couple of the bridesmaids (right). Even in July, you can't always count on good weather for an outdoor bridal shower, much less an entire wedding! Although, I must admit we have had nice Washington weather lately. If you have any bridal shower stories to share, please let us know!

July 15, 2008

Bridal Shower Success Ideas!

Well, I survived my bridal shower hosting experience this past weekend. Want some bridal shower tips and ideas? Here was my plan:

Hawaiian-themed shower decorations (From Oriental Trading Co)
including real coconuts and pineapples, flower leis and hair clips, a special hula outfit for the bride-to-be, cute food pics with palm trees & monkeys, sarongs as table cloths, shell necklaces as decor, a customized banner, and balloons strung here and there. One other special thing that I did was to display the bride's wedding gown, flower girl dresses and the bridesmaid dresses. Everyone loved that, including the bride.

We played 3 shower games. 1. Team up and create a bride with toilet paper. 2. Pass around mystery items in bags and guess what's inside. 3. "Who knows the bride best" info game.

There was plenty of food - too much actually :-)! The cake was custom made in a Hawaiian theme, and brought by the bride's mother (who wanted to help out in some way).

Hope this gives you some ideas of your own! Good Luck...

July 10, 2008

Planning A Bridal Shower?

Hello friends,
I'm throwing a bridal shower for my friend tomorrow night. Her wedding is in late August.
If you're wondering how far in advance of the wedding should a shower or bachelorette party be planned... That's up to what works best for the bride. In my case, she wanted to keep August free from additional stress so we planned her shower for July instead. Other brides may want the shower or party the weekend before! Just ask...

Need a good bridal shower theme idea? How about a luau, beach or Hawaiian theme? If the bride & groom are heading somewhere tropical for their honeymoon, this is a GREAT shower theme idea. And easy to find ideas & decor as well! Check back in the next few days for a great list of food ideas for a beach themed shower and pictures of our party!

July 2, 2008

Surviving a HOT Summer Wedding!

So you have a summer wedding planned... depending on where you are in the Pacific Northwest, you may get lucky and have a mild, overcast day. If not, you'll either get rain or heat!

Do you have any strategies for beating the heat at your wedding ceremony and reception? Here are a few ideas:
  • Choose a light-weight fabric for your gown.
  • Have the groom and groomsmen NOT wear a vest under their tuxes.
  • Set up your outdoor reception tables in a shady area if possible.
  • Select T-length bridesmaid dresses with flip-flops.
  • Serve fresh fruit at the reception and plenty of ice water available to hydrate guests.
  • Rent a tent or canopy, which is great for any weather issues.
  • Have an up-do bridal hairstyle.
  • Insist that your bridal party drink lots of water before the ceremony so no one faints at the altar!
Got any of your own tips that you'd like to share? Please, do tell!
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