August 25, 2008

Wedding Sand Ceremony vs. Unity Candles

For an upcoming wedding, a bride and groom are ordering a sand ceremony set from us instead of using a traditional unity candle set. So what should people know?

  • Do either a sand ceremony or a unity candle, but not both.
  • A sand ceremony uses a larger vase or container to pour into and hold the sand. The bride & groom each have a small vase with colored sand (each a different color) that they use to pour into the main container. Children can also participate by having their own sand and adding it into the mix.
  • Unity candles use two, smaller taper candles which are lit first (one taper for each person). Then, the bride and groom jointly light a larger, center candle that usually is personalized or has a saying imprinted on it.
  • Both of these 'ceremonies' signify the blending of, or the joining of two people into one.
  • Both of them also make great keepsakes for years to come.
Need to buy a unity candle set or sand ceremony set?

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Things to remember:
  • Unity candles can be difficult to use during outdoor ceremonies... wind... !!
  • Sand ceremonies can be difficult to transport afterward, so make sure your container has a lid of some kind or is very secure in a vehicle!
  • Some wedding venues do not allow open flame.
  • Don't collect and use wet sand from a beach for your sand ceremony. It is not clean and you may end up with mold!

Enjoy! Visit for more wedding planning help & info.

August 19, 2008

What is a "Yodio Wedding?"

No... not rodeo wedding silly :-). Yodio! We have recently discovered a really cool web tool - excellent for weddings! It's Yodio! Yodio is a Pacific Northwest based company (which we love of course). Click this short Yodio (video) below to see an example of how you could use Yodio to display and share your wedding photos & memories: It's free!

Check out more information at
Thanks! Free is good...

August 18, 2008

Romantic Engagement Story Contest Has Begun!

OK wedding community... here's your chance to win something! Our romantic engagement story contest has begun! You don't have to be still engaged. You can be a newlywed or an old married person for all we care!! If you have a romantic engagement story, you're "in"...
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Good Luck! Last day to enter is Sunday 8/24/08.

August 14, 2008

Romantic Engagement Story Contest!

Hello friends! We have an exciting contest starting this Sunday, August 17th. If you haven't seen one before... we are giving away a Star Story Shirt compliments of Starologie. Here's info about them:
Starologie has created a line of customized apparel featuring a snapshot of the stars in the sky at a special time and place in your life. Named the "Star Story" line, every star pattern is hand made with Swarovski crystal and is meant to symbolize the timelessness of your story.

Anyone can enter (between 8/17 and 8/24, 2008). All you'll need to do is complete our entry form, including your own personal, romantic engagement story. We will announce the contest's winner on Monday the 25th.
Good Luck!

August 8, 2008

08-08-08 Wedding Frenzy

I just got back from a wedding - One of the thousands of weddings happening today - 08-08-08. Today's date is the most popular wedding date of the year! The date itself is a novelty for couples.

On location wedding report:
Tonight's wedding was an outdoor wedding, and thankfully our Pacific Northwest weather was cooperating nicely! Although, there were a couple of mishaps with trying to light the unity candle in the wind... and some of the table decorations (colored napkins with picture holders, vases & wildflowers and glass beads) were having some wind issues as well. The venue was an old, historic estate in the Olympia/Tumwater area. It is a perfect wedding location, with a mix of beautiful grounds, parking and a historic mansion interior.

The colors were purple and white, with all the bridesmaids wearing a dark plum color. The bride's gown had a black sash and she wore a slim tiara with an up-do hairstyle. The ceremony was short, but sweet with one of the most beautiful marriage prayers I've ever heard. A small group of live musicians sang a song as the bride and her father made their way outside and down the aisle. A DJ then took over afterward as guests mingled and got ready for a nice catered meal.

The wedding catering consisted of meatballs, marinated chicken, 5 types of fresh fruit, 5 types of fresh veggies, and 5 types of crackers, bread and rolls. Very tasty and simple! They also had an easy rainbow sherbet punch and an open bar with beer and wine.

The cake was made by the bride's Aunt, and was 4-tiers with fresh, purple hydrangea flowers on it. The whole feel of the wedding was very relaxed with an emphasis on the new couple's love for each other and their families. Wonderful!

August 5, 2008

Some Brides Just Want Simple & Pretty

There are some of you brides out there... the thought of frilly stuff and glitz makes you gag. You want a simple gown, pretty flowers, a simple cake with or without a topper, decorations in your favorite color, and invitations that get right to the point. You can't relate to "bridezillas", and you refuse to stress out about every little detail. Hopefully you have your eye on the 'prize' - your new marriage!

Brides, does this describe you? Or maybe you can't relate to this type of bride?! Each bride is so different, carrying a unique vision of their wedding.

What is your wedding vision and your priorities? We'd love to hear from you...