March 18, 2009

Newlyweds & Finances

Our friend Dr. Taffy Wagner has this special message for brides & grooms who are planning to get married in 2009:

Spring is just around the corner. Bridal season is in full bloom. There is talk in the media about wedding budgets and what are brides doing to trim their costs.

Now is the perfect opportunity to share with your brides & grooms, the importance of investing in their marriage long-term. Money Talk Before The Commitment Walk can prevent their marriage from becoming a Divorce Statistic.

Check out Dr. Wagner's site by clicking the graphic below. She offers some excellent information that engaged couples desperately need!

Debt At The Altar

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March 16, 2009

How Many Bridesmaids??

Are you getting married in 2009? Congratulations! Will your wedding ceremony include bridesmaids? Almost every wedding does...

According to a survey conducted by the Wedding Report, there are an average of 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding. They also note that the average bridesmaid will spend over $1000 on everything from their dress to travel expenses, when participating in a wedding! WOW!

Most brides choose bridesmaids who are either family members or close friends. Sisters, cousins, and even daughters and mothers are the usual family members involved. Sometimes, sisters of the groom are bridesmaids as well. The challenge comes when you have a group of close friends. Who do you choose? Everyone, and making the bridal party potentially larger than you'd like? A couple, and risk hurting the feelings of the others?
Here is our advice - family first, then friends selectively chosen. Family is with you for life, but friends may change as you move through life.

March 9, 2009

Who Pays for a Bride's Wedding Dress?

Buying a wedding gown this year? Are you curious to know who pays for wedding dresses when a couple gets married?

We have some statistics! According to 'The Wedding Report',

  • 56% of the time the bride pays for her own gown
  • 22% of gown purchases are paid for by the groom
  • 42% of wedding dresses are paid for by someone else, most likely the bride's parents.

The wedding industry has been hit by this recession, so chances are you should be able to find some deals this year on gowns. For other wedding money saving tips, visit our other blog at and save some wedding budget money!

March 3, 2009

Wine For Wedding Receptions?

Hello Wedding Friends,

Are you interested in knowing more about how you can incorporate wine into your wedding? Or maybe wine for your honeymoon? In fact... did you know you can get personalized wine bottles with personalized labels on them?! That was a neat, recent revelation for me.

We have a new advertiser on who wrote a great article for us. Stacy Brazington, Independent Wine Consultant, explains everything you could ever want to know about wine at your wedding event. Read our new Wine For Weddings article.

You can also visit Stacy's ad page to get ordering information - HERE.


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