January 29, 2009

Puget Sound Area Wedding Expos & Shows

...Attention Brides to be in Western Washington...
If you live on the Kitsap Peninsula or in the Seattle area there are upcoming wedding shows and events!

February 7th, from 9am - 5pm, you can attend the Kitsap Peninsula's only major wedding expo for just $8 ($7 with a canned food donation or $6 with military ID and seniors). It is located at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds - Kitsap Pavilion building.

Here is what the event organizer says - "The West Sound Wedding Expo is Kitsap County's one and only wedding expo. It is truly a one stop shopping experience for your wedding. Come and see our wonderful vendors all in one place. Brought to you by The Direct Approach." Since this is the 15th year in a row for this particular expo, it's sure to be a good one.

Also coming up is a very interesting bridal event. Put on by The Healthy Bride, the "Battle of the Betrothed" is set to begin on Feb. 6th, ending on Feb. 14th. This is a competition for engaged couples (already chosen) who will compete for prizes. There are 9 "challenges" that each couple must take on to win, and will be judged! Should make for some fine entertainment... :-). For more info, visit www.thehealthybride.com.

January 26, 2009

Custom Wedding Rings

Looking to create a custom wedding or engagement ring? Or, maybe you've been married for a while and would like a new ring? Yes, many couples are not able to afford expensive wedding rings when they get married, but instead choose to upgrade rings on an anniversary or other special occasion at some point in the future. Thus... the wedding ring upgrade :-).

When you're shopping for engagement and wedding rings, getting a custom ring is twice-as-nice! Great, beautiful ring and exactly what you want. Perfect!


January 18, 2009

Money In Marriage

Recently engaged? Recently married? Discussing finances is a must! But how? Dr. Taffy Wagner has some answers for you. She recently wrote an article specifically for NWweddingplace.com on the topic of money and marriage. Here is a snippet of the article -

"For all those couples that will become engaged during the holidays and even through February, will pre-marital counseling prepare you for financial issues you will face during marriage? Financial issues are a part of marriage and no couple is immune from these issues. Automobile repairs, student loans, wedding expenses are some of the financial topics you will have to address.
Think about it. How many couples do you know personally that have..."
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Thank you to our guest author, Dr. Taffy Wagner of http://www.debtatthealtar.com/
To get more information, please click below:

Debt At The Altar

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January 13, 2009

Average Wedding Costs

According to theweddingreport.com, 2008 had a surprising wedding budget trend -
"Economic trouble takes its toll on the average wedding cost. The average cost of a wedding in 2008 was $21,814. This is a 24% decline over the 2007 average of $28,704."

In our opinion, this 24% decline is probably not caused by wedding vendors lowering their prices (maybe some have). We suspect that couples are getting more creative with smaller wedding budgets, relying on DIY projects, cutting out certain non-essential wedding services & products, and generally bargain hunting! If you are looking for cheap wedding deals, DIY wedding projects, or other ways to save money and have a smaller wedding budget, visit our other blog at http://www.cheap-wedding-deals.blogspot.com/! Also, check out our shop online section for a wide variety of wedding supplies, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding guest favors, cake toppers, etc. We have access to thousands of wedding products! www.NWweddingplace.com/weddingshop.htm

January 9, 2009

2009 Wedding Colors

You may have already heard by now that the official color of 2009 is "MIMOSA" - a bright, sunny yellow color. It will certainly make it's way into fashion (already has). Do you think that will translate into a popular wedding color? Yes, potentially. Yellows are traditionally not a popular or often chosen wedding color. Even so, mimosa is cheery, sunny and gives a generally happy sense. It would make an excellent 2009 summer wedding color!

In my search this morning, it looks like mimosa is a color available in tableware (napkins, plates, punch cups, table skirts, disposable flatware, etc.), or at least versions of mimosa. Whether or not the bridal industry's bridesmaid dress companies will follow suit with mimosa fabric selections, remains to be seen. However, the company we work with (dessy.com) is ready for the mimosa wedding explosion! To order bridesmaid dresses, visit http://www.dessy.com/ to see their selection, then contact us for ordering information.