November 25, 2008

Engagement Season is Here

The month of December is the busiest time for people to get engaged. The holidays set up a perfect opportunity for romantic engagement opportunities! So... what does getting engaged necessitate? A ring of course! If you're looking for high quality and great pricing (who isn't??), visit our affiliate jewelry companies here:

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November 14, 2008

One Bride's Maid of Honor Experience...

I am writing this blog very specific to my own wedding. My Maid of Honor was my sister, whom I love dearly. However, as the bride, there was so much that I wish she would have done for me. I found myself doing a lot of her duties even on my wedding day! My experiences at my rehearsal and on my wedding day were very stressful for me. Here are some things that I wish my sister (my maid of honor - MOH) would have done for me:

My rehearsal was a disaster. My wedding was out of town and the location was an hour away from where we stayed. At 1:00 PM, I was supposed to be at the venue to decorate and rehearse. I wanted to have the decor/supply list of everything that needed to go with us ready. I had asked my MOH to make sure that everything on the list was ready to go. I was running an hour late, and she did not help until the last minute. Once we got to the venue, my fiancé and I set nearly everything up ourselves.

On my wedding day it seemed even worse. There are basic duties of a MOH that everyone knows about and all the magazines tell you about. Have a list of detailed things that you'd like her to do during the ceremony and reception. Here are some of the little wedding day things that should be on that list, and will save the bride a lot of stress:

  • Make sure to tell your maid of honor to fluff your wedding dress after you arrive at the altar.
  • Make sure the ceremony and reception candles are lit (they could delegate that task, but just make sure it's done by someone).
  • Make sure the DJ knows what events are going to occur during the reception (and in what order).
  • Make sure that everyone who needs to be photographed are where they need to be.
  • Know when the toast is coming and be prepared.
  • Make sure that the best man has done his job with decorating the car. (We all know that the men need to be reminded :-)

As you can see, things could have gone better for me where my MOH was concerned. Take my advice and make your experience better! -Jenn Wyer, married July '08

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November 6, 2008

New Article - Newlywed Finances Advice

Yes!! Finally a financial-related article for all you newlyweds... or engaged couples! So now that you're engaged or newly married, are you wondering how to handle your joint finances? Have you noticed a difference in the way each of you spends and saves money? How should you deal with and discuss these issues?
Visit our new article called "Newlywed Finances - The First Action Items!" now for great advice and action items. Don't allow financial differences become a source of strife in your marriage.
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