April 30, 2009

Need Marriage Help? Pre-Marriage Advice?

Here's a note about marriage from our friend, Robin Tramble:

Communication and Ping Pong
Being married for almost 29 years in June has afforded me some opportunities for "processing" in various areas of my personal and spiritual development. One area I have found to be a challenge in many marriages, relationships for that matter is the area of communication. Dr. Philip Goudeaux states..... "Marriages have failed because of a lack of communication more than anything else. Communication is where the devil fights the hardest. When communication is broken, nothing else functions. You definitely do not have sex. There is no "divisions of labor," and no one is doing his fair share. Most of us have not learned the importance of communication."

I'd like to share something I learned, and it's in relation to Ping Pong. You see many times we are so busy making points that we slam, don't pay attention or consider the value of continuing the game. The illustration was to try to keep the ball on the table. In other words instead of being quick to make points or slam, try to keep the conversation on the table. What does this involve? In short, it involves listening, paraphrasing, and giving value to what the other individual (your spouse) has to say. Now, this may be challenging to do if your husband isn't privy to what you're doing, however, if you commit to it from your perspective you will see a change in your stress level, frustration, etc. Ask for wisdom in this area.

Please visit my LINK and get my 60 minute, virtual workshop to transform your relationship - free! This workshop is called "The Empowered Wife". Whether you're engaged, been married 3 years, 15 or more years, there is a time where we realize that in order to help this great partnership thrive, we must learn new ways to enhance our relationship. If you don't do this, you may look around and you're no longer partners but merely exist.

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April 27, 2009

Ingenious Wedding Guest Favors!

Have you seen these? I hadn't...Until a friend of mine told me last week about Josh Hershfield's exciting new wedding business called Flipped Out Productions. They create personalized, custom photo flipbooks. But wait, there's more! He makes them right at your event! On the spot! At your wedding ceremony and reception, Flipped Out Productions can produce 30-45 flipbooks per hour. They each contain 60 business card sized pages, generated from a seven-second video. You can pre-establish custom flipbook covers that match your wedding's theme, including your wedding date, etc.

How fun is that?! Josh is looking forward to rounding out his 2009 calendar with wedding bookings. If you'd like to find out more about Flipped Out Productions services and costs, visit http://www.flippedoutproductions.com/ today! As far as I know, he can serve most of the Western WA area. Contact Josh so he can bring his special brand of fun to your celebration!
For more great wedding tips, ideas & products, visit http://www.nwweddingplace.com/!

April 16, 2009

Event & Floral Design

We'd like to say a warm welcome to our latest NWweddingplace.com advertiser - UniqXpressions Event & Floral Design!

Owners, Sharris & Eric, seem to have a knack for style as well as how to please their bride & groom customers. Their philosophy in wedding planning is being "committed to optimizing your dream … 'It’s all about you.'

Can you say AWESOME WEBSITE... check out this really neat site they have at: http://www.uniqxpressions.com/. Also, check out their ad page on our site at: www.NWweddingplace.com/uniqxpressions.htm.

If you live in the Western WA area, check them out. Sharris is a very gifted floral designer (as you can tell by that gorgeous photo of fall bouquets) and just a great lady in general.

April 7, 2009

Wedding Clearance

Special Announcement...
Pacific NW sees the sun after 4 months of overcast & rainy skies! Also, The Knot Wedding Shop has a clearance sale! One of their big sales is on mini Hershey's chocolate bars. Maybe I'm just hungry right now, but that sounds like the perfect favors to me (not to mention they'd help spruce up your reception tables)! They are even personalized chocolate bars!

Triple good: chocolate, personalized, on sale - perfect. Here is the link:

Clearance at The Knot Wedding Shop
This sale ends next Tuesday, April 14th - shop fast!

April 3, 2009

Hi Readers,

Did you know that NWweddingplace sells wedding products? Yes! Some of them can be ordered directly online, and others need special, custom ordering. For example, one of our most popular products is the Heart Sand Ceremony. It comes with 3 vases, the main heart and its stopper and the metal stand. Couples can even choose to have the heart and the vases personalized. Some couples who are blending families may also choose to purchase extra vases so their kids can blend their sand in too! Neat idea!

To view our shop online section, click HERE. To custom order, or ask about what we offer, send us a note HERE.

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