August 11, 2009

How Much Are Bridal Shoes?

Once again, couldn't help ourselves and we're going to post more wedding statistics! Today's stat is about the bride's shoes. Every bride puts thought into what shoes they'll wear with their special wedding gown. Here's a statistic on the average spent on bridal shoes:

2008 (whole year average spent) - $94
2009, 1st quarter - $91
2009, 2nd quarter - $83

Wedding statistics by "The Wedding Report"

This particular tid-bit of information got me thinking. Are the prices really going down and/or people are spending less, or is it that it's summer time? Maybe more brides are opting for flip-flops or other simple flats to go with their summer weddings? Could that be the reason for the average spending dip right now?

We may never know for sure, but what I do know is that brides love shoes! If you're searching for just the right bridal shoe for your wedding, please visit's shop online section for a wide variety of bridal shoe & jewelry options!

August 4, 2009

Buying Wedding Cakes

Since we're on a roll lately with wedding statistics...Thought you'd enjoy another one about wedding cakes! What are couples paying for their wedding cakes these days? According to The Wedding Report (wedding statistics company), the average amount spent for a wedding cake right now is approximately $350. This spending level has stayed relatively the same for the past 18 months, despite the economic downturn.

I took this wedding cake photo at a local grocery store's bakery department, where I know the bakers and cake decorators.

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