November 2, 2009

Day-of Wedding Coordinator

So you're getting married...Congratulations! Weddings should be all fun and games, but sometimes...they cause the engaged couple to be on overload.

One of the complaints we hear from brides is that their wedding day is too stressful and chaotic. The bride knows how she wants every detail, yet can't do it all herself. The groom is not fully available either! Besides, for the couple much of the wedding day is consumed by hair appointments, getting dressed, hanging around with the bridal party, photos, greeting guests and family members, etc. So what is a couple to do??

Hire a day-of wedding coordinator! What is the difference between a day-of coordinator and a traditional wedding planner, you ask? The day-of coordinator does a lot less of the planning work, and the majority of the practical tasks at the event. The day-of coordinator sets up decorations, organizes the volunteers, coordinates incoming vendors, such as photographers, caterers and DJ's, keeps the bridal party on-time, helps clean up, may return rented items, etc. Basically, this person takes care of many of the little things that need to get done so the bride, groom and their families can relax and have fun!

The couple gives this day-of coordinator their master plan, and meets with them beforehand to review all aspects of the big day. Fees for this type of wedding coordinator can vary widely. Depending on the scale of your wedding, and the tasks you want this person to take on, fees could be anywhere between $300 - $1500.

This person needs to be very organized and task focused, as well as have the ability to work with others effectively. Reliable, creative and sharp are also great qualities to look for!

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