November 6, 2009

Engagement Party

This past weekend, I hosted an engagement party for a couple who is getting married early next March. Here is a re-cap of the party planning process and information:

  • The bride and groom wanted this to be a fun time. Couples and close friends were invited via Evite online invitations, approximately 3 weeks in advance.

  • A special engagement cake was purchased, using the couple's planned wedding colors.

  • Each person who came brought a food dish to share, and the party coordinators also brought sandwiches, drinks and deviled eggs.

  • Drinks included a variety of pop, sparkling water with lemons and limes and coffee.

  • One person was assigned the job of official party photographer. She took candid and posed photos at various times during the party.

  • The party began at 2:00pm, and most left by 5:00.

Since this was a time for just close friends who cherish the couple to gather, and no games were needed. Plenty of networking and socializing happened naturally. It was a great time for the bride and groom to discuss their wedding plans and ideas with this intimate group of friends, many of whom will be volunteering time to help at the wedding.

Engagement parties are fun! They are meant for both men and women to attend, and usually couples will choose to invite their closest relationships.

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